About MyPage

What is MyPage?
MyPage is a portal page that you see after logging in. It includes the following functions (some items may be unavailable depending on your current study and account status):

  • Start lesson
  • Show study report
  • Show completion certificate
  • Edit profile
  • Payments
  • News
  • Visit the students' forum *
What is the forum?
The forum is a place to communicate about English and English learning. On the forum, you can ask our coaching team questions, or exchange ideas with other students. Here are some ways to use the forum:
  • read advice from experts about improving your English
  • ask our learning experts a question about English
  • read answers to frequently asked questions about English and English study
  • share useful tips and advice with other students
  • participate in a discussion about an interesting topic from a lesson you studied
  • practice reading and writing in English

I want to download my completion certificate.
When you pass your program, a 'download completion certificate' button will appear on MyPage.

Click this button to download your certificate as a PDF file.

(Note that some courses do not offer a completion certificate for download.)